Friday, February 8, 2008

Notebook Computer Use in Lecture

Wisdom received by e-mail from a student:
I was actually wondering if you would mind making a comment in class (or e-mail or whatever) about laptop use in class? I've found it really frustrating during a lot of our classes that classmates have been checking their facebook, e-mail, photos etc during class time. The scrolling and flashing on the screen is really distracting in my peripheral vision. It's so disrespectful, I just don't get it.
Again, Verbum sapienti satis est.

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Ashleigh Wells said...

Hi fellow classmates,

I have to admit I've been guilty of checking a quick email or something during class and I apologize to anyone who may have been distracted by my actions. Funny how media can change things though, I was thinking as I read this how times have changed. In my highschool days it was notes being passed or people doodling in their notes that would be distracting for me and now it's the internet and text messages!