Friday, January 11, 2008

Mid-Term Essay Criteria

Here is the arrangement and the schedule of dates for the Mid-Term Essay, twenty five hundred words and revisions. The assignment is worth thirty percent of the Course grade, [of which fifteen percent is for the draught and fifteen percent for the revision.] The specific method of grading is detailed in its seperate post, here.

Eight-week writing path (updated 27/02):

  1. Course week four, Wednesday January 30th: choice of topics posted on the blog
  2. Course week six, Friday February 22nd: draught version due Department mailbox.
  3. Course week nine, Monday March 3rd: draught returned with comments & grade.
  4. Course week ten, Monday March 10th: peer-editing of draught revision.
  5. Course week eleven, Monday March 17th: revision due in class.
  6. Course week eleven, Thursday March 20th: revision returned with comments & grade. (Earlier if needed.)
  • The draught is an opportunity to get your ideas and structure freely down on paper. The marking will identify the types of error which require revision: after studying these you are encouraged to bring the draught to Office Hours for additional and thorough-going help.
  • The revision will be graded according to the improvements made from the draught.

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