Sunday, January 13, 2008

Group On-Line Literature Project Criteria

In the three-person groups set in the critical theory assignment, complete an on-line literary engagement with fanfiction. The objective of the assignment is demonstration of familiarity with and critical understanding of literature in the online medium.
  • There are two sections, each worth ten percent of the course grade, for a total assignment grade of twenty percent.
  • The due dates for the two sections are chosen by the group, with three weeks at minimum between the two dates.
  • Each section will work hands-on with an aspect of fanfiction. Some alternatives are:
  1. a blog on an existing fanfiction
  2. a fanfiction creation of the group's own
  3. a Second-Life project
  4. a critical-theory essay or manifesto
  • Select from the course list of fanfiction sites or research a choice of your own.
  • Each section assumes 10% of the course grading effort for each group member.
  • Hand in a hard-copy proposal for the full project (both sections) by February 4th.
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