Sunday, January 13, 2008

Group Critical Theory Assignment Criteria

This assignment is worth fifteen percent of the course grade, has three sections, and is done by groups of three members. Thus, for each student, each of the three sections involves five percent of the graded effort for the course.

  • For each section, the group will lead a thirty-minute seminar discussion on a webserial graphic novel of your choice.
  • The discussion will treat the webserial in the context of media and literary theory: ordinarily McLuhan or Virillio. The purpose of the discussion will be add specifically to our understanding of how on-line literature functions within, adapts to, or critiques upon the internet.
  • On the sign-up sheet available on January 14th, each group will in turn select three different seminar dates on which they will lead class discussion.
  • The format that the sections take is the group's decision. As one example, each member in turn speaks for five minutes and leads seminar discussion for five minutes.
  • Whether one webserial is used for all three discussion dates, or whether each of the three different dates is used to discusses a different webserial, is the decision of each group. The webserial or serials can be taken from the course on-line bibliography, or can be a separate group selection.
  • At the end of the presentation, hand in a hard copy of your written work: notes, outline, even draughts, as you prefer. This is used to ground the grading process for discussion
  • Each section will be graded individually, on a written response sheet the week following. There is one group grade for all members.

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